Kuanitra Holingsvorth: “As I Get Older, I Get Wiser”

Nov 15, 2017
Turkish Senior National Team player Kuanitra Holingsvorth spoke to tbf.org.tr.

While Turkish Senior Women’s National Team is playing games for FIBA Women's EuroBasket 2019 Qualifiers; Holingsvorth answered our questions for tbf.org.tr. 

“We are Making a Challenge to Ourselves to Get Better Everyday”

-You are always fully motivated for what you do. How can you have this much professional concentration at all times?

Kuanitra Holingsvorth: “For anyone looking from outside, it may look like we are doing the same thing every day; travelling, practicing and playing games… But for us, things are not as simple as that; we are making a challenge to ourselves to get better everyday. Just because a rival is playing a certain way someday doesn’t mean that they are going to play the same way for the next game. You have to be ready for that. Each game you have to try to be the best player on the court. You have to win the battle with the person you are playing against…”

“Turkey Blessed Me With This Opportunity”

-What do you feel about carrying Turkish National Team jersey?

Kuanitra Holingsvorth: “Here it feels like a second home for me. Turkey blessed me with this opportunity.  I am trying to give back as much as I can. If I would be able to, I will continiue to give my best, as a “Thank you!” to this country.”

“As I Get Older, I Get Wiser”

-You look so much better physically this year. What changed?

Kuanitra Holingsvorth: “I think I am kind of playing a different game… You know you get older, wiser with time… Also before I was strong, I was athletic but as you play more, you get more expericence. You learn how to use certain things for your advantage which in the past can seem as disadvantages for you. As I get older, I get wiser. I play my game smarter. ”


“Different Countries Can Have Different Basketball Techniques”

-You have played in many different countries during your career. What can you say about the effects of that?

Kuanitra Holingsvorth: “Playing all around Europe surely teaches you different kinds of techniues. Obviously, the goal is putting the ball in the hoop but some countries focus on more fundamentals, some can be more athletic, physical. So you just have to work on every aspect to your game to be able to compete in diffent places and different levels. 

-Going back to last summer, you were the top scorer and rebound leader of our National Team at EuroBasket Women 2017. What can we expect from you for the upcoming World Cup 2018 games?

Kuanitra Holingsvorth: “I don’t expect anything less from myself but I don’t think that is the most important thing. At any given time, any of us can step up and be the top scorer. We just have to focus on our game plan and every one has to be willing to contribute in the best way that they know how. 

Interview: Berkay İçöz

Photography: Ahmet Tokyay