Yiğitcan Turna: “Our Only Goal is Championship”

Oct 27, 2017
Yiğitcan Turna, the experienced player of Bahçeşehir College from Turkish Basketball League, spoke to tbf.org.tr.
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Yiğitcan Turna mentioned that, with the changed status of Turkish Basketball League, (as the team who finishes the regular season in the first place will directly advance to the Super League) every single game in the regular season now has maximal importance. 

“I Believe in Bahçeşehir College”

-How did your path cross with Bahçeşehir College for 2017 - 2018 season? 

Yiğitcan Turna: After our championship with Sakarya Büyükşehir Belediyespor last year, I received some great offers. Bahçeşehir College organization was an organization that excited me from the first day. I also played together before with some players who decided to join the team before me. I was already sure how ambitious this team will be. I chose to be here immediately when the offer came from Bahçeşehir College, the team I believe in.

-It is obvious that you have an ambitious team, but you also have the advantage of gathering and started practiving very early, am I right?

Yiğitcan Turna: Yes. We have come together as a team that did not compromise the working discipline during the holiday period. At the time we started working together, everyone already had their personal preparations. I believe that starting to work early reflects positively on the integration process of the team.

-We know that your foreigner players joined the team a little late, can you talk a bit about that period?

Yiğitcan Turna: Davon Jefferson joined the team late because his league was continuing during the summer. On the other hand, as you all know, we first agreed with my former teammate Chris Warren from Uşak Sportif. When he faced a health problem, it took several weeks for Jerry Randle to join us.


“Federation Cup Was an Important Experience for Us”

- The first official games of the season for you were Group B games in Federation Cup in Antalya. You advanced to final group with 3 wins and 2 defeats. How did it go?

Yiğitcan Turna: Federation Cup games are a great preparation process for all the teams. But of course no team has yet reached a hundred percent performance during that time. It was important for us to reach the final group. We won our first three games but then things did not go well in the last two games. After all, we ended up in the final group and that was our goal. That period was also an important experience for us.

“TBL is a Very Different League”

-What do you think about the first weeks of the league season?

Yiğitcan Turna: We have some players who have played in this league before as well as we have players who are now playing in this league first time. TBL is a very different league and being inexperienced has negative effects here. We are still in the process of being fully adapted to the dynamics of TBL as a team. I also want to add that, with the changed status of TBL, the team who finishes the regular season in the first place will directly advance to the Super League, and this gives maximal importance to every single game.

-Finally, can I learn what do you expect from yourself and your team for the very long marathon of the league season?

Yiğitcan Turna: Our only goal is championship. To speak for myself, I always want to give my best when I am on the floor. Everyone can be sure that I will give a hundred percent of myself.  

Interview: Şansın Tokyay